Larisa on “3rd Rock” Tuesday Sept 28

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Even more good news from AJ. Here is the episode listing from TV Guide Online:

3rd Rock from the Sun: Dick for Tat
After he learns that Albright once had a fling with Strudwick (Ron West), Dick determines that he must retaliate, but he has to convince Mrs. Strudwick to take part in his plan. Dottie Strudwick: Kim Johnston Ulrich. Alissa: Larissa Oleynik. Rico: Chad Einbinder. Dr. Howard: Richard McGonagle.

Notice how the character name Alissa has confused the TV Guide editor into spelling Larisa as Larissa. Chat Transcipt

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While checking out a new search engine I came across a pretty recent (pre 18th birthday) online chat from that I had’t seen or heard about. It’s pretty cool so check it out!

 Alissa Strudwick on “3rd Rock from the Sun”

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NBC has put up their official ?3rd Rock from the Sun? site for this year here and NBC says Larisa is part of the cast. There’s even a short bio. So there!!!

 Alex Mack pilot in RealVideo G2

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Yes, that’s right, for the very first time anywhere on the Internet, the entire Secret World of Alex Mack pilot episode is available in RealVideo G2. Head on over to the Larisa Theatre section where you can download or stream (48Kbits/sec.) "The Accident" right now.

Also, for Win9x/IE4/Media Player users, please try out the beta version of our exclusive "Larisa Projector" audio player. Now you can watch random pictures of your favorite actress while listening to your own CDs or MP3s — and it’s even compatible with the Viewbar recently mentioned on the WWWBoard.

 Larisa Nominated

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More news from AJ. Larisa has been nominated for two YoungStar awards. Best Young Actress / Performance In a Comedy Film (“10 Things I Hate About You”) and Best Young Actress / Performance in a Comedy TV Series (“3rd Rock From the Sun”). The Hollywood Reporter’s 4th Annual YoungStar Awards will be held Sunday, November 7th. The YoungStar Awards were created to honor talented young performers ages 6-18 working in film, television, stage and music.

And this is from CS
You can catch Larisa and tons of other celebs on November 7th right here on Celebrity Sightings as we provide a live webcast of the ceremony, full of interviews and special celeb chats! For more info, check out The Seen in the Mega’Zine.

 Update: Larisa on “3rd Rock from the Sun”

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We?ve learned from AJ who went to the taping of the third episode of ?3rd Rock? this season (“Dick & Tuck”) that Larisa is in that episode. ?Larisa was only in 1 of the 10 scenes filmed but hey it was a damn good 1!? AJ also learned from a page at the studio (not a web page!) that Larisa is in the second taped episode too. Now this is progress. :-)