Larisa Fiction

Angel for Volunteers
This very short story was originally a response to a post by David60. He suggested that the best way for all of us to get to meet Larisa would be to organize some kind of charitable event in her name. This is my vision of such an event.

How and When
This one is actually more inspired by the guys at the webboard, but Larisa does make a cameo appearance. Zip-Six, who also makes a cameo, is a regular poster at the board and he has a good enough sense of humor to let me use him as a villain from time to time. By the way, the beginning of the story is based on actual events from my childhood. See if you can guess where the true part ends :)

Larisa Saves Christmas
This story was intended as a Christmas gift to the people at the discussion board. I wrote it a few days before Christmas and then posted it there. It's mostly silly, but I think it captures the spirit of being a "Christmas fairy tale". And we find out that Larisa's beauty can affect even the nicest of men (Santa, you dirty old man).

Larisa Shadow Part 1 through 3
When I wrote the first part of this story, I was trying to explore what it might feel like to see Larisa being threatened in some way...that combination of anger and protectiveness. The "Hero" perspective, if you will. As a result, the first scene is a little dark. It was tough for me to write about Larisa in such a situation, but in the end I found it rewarding. A few months later, I decided that I wanted to continue the story so I rewrote the ending and added Part 2. Part 3 has since followed.

Larisa Shadow Part 4
This is the "latest" installment of the story, originally posted 1/11/00. This one took much longer to finish than I expected (but then so did the last one). The holidays slowed me up a bit and also I really struggled with writing a few of the scenes. I'm trying to get Part 5 done, but it hasn't been happening yet, so we'll see.