Squinting her eyes in concentration, Alex telekinetically popped the plastic cap off the vial and held it up in the air in front of her.

"It's been fun" she reminisced sadly.

With a weak smile, Alex toasted the air in front of her as if there were an audience gathered to watch.

"To a normal life" she said aloud, putting the open vial to her lips and drinking down the antidote inside.

She tossed the vial on the ground in front of her and stood still as a strange tingling began to overcome her. She wasn't afraid, because he father told her this would be the antidote purging the GC-161 contamination within her.

Alex grimaced, shrugged her shoulders, and twisted unsteadily as the feeling of ants crawling all over her passed throughout her entire body.

"Weird" she said, irritated at the strange sensation.

Holding her hands out palms up, she could see her skin had become pale and shiny, and was rippling like water in a pool. Small balls of electrical energy bounced around her fingertips and erupted from her skin outwards from underneath her clothes. The vial she had tossed down, and small pebbles and sticks on the ground began to levitate and orbit around her.

Suddenly, an intense, hot flush ran through her, and then stopped. The objects floating around her dropped to the ground and the balls of energy her body was emitting disappeared. Alex looked at her hands again, and they had returned to normal.

She titled her head in confusion. "That's it?"

Alex stood up straight, squinted her eyes in concentration, and commanded her body to become liquid.

Nothing happened.

She thought of bottled water, waterfalls, flowing rivers .....but nothing happened.

Her body remained that of a sixteen year old girl.

She looked down and concentrated on the vial that had fallen back down to the ground, and willed it to float up into the air. It only laid there motionless, refusing to obey her.

A sudden panic overcame her, as Alex pointed her finger over the neighborhoods below and tried to shoot another electrical bolt into the sky.


"No" she whimpered helplessly, lowering her arm. Alex realized that her amazing powers were finally gone. Taking a deep breath, her eyes began to well with tears.

She fell backwards onto the ground into a sitting position and folded her arms on her knees.

Alex looked out over Paradise Valley, and cried.