Alex looked at herself in the standing, full length mirror in the corner of her room. Since the first day she acquired her incredible powers, she loved doing this. Dressed only in a tank top and shorts, she stood tall and erect. Studying her reflection closely, Alex squinted her eyes in concentration, thinking of waterfalls, flowing streams, and swimming pools full of water. A familiar warm flush flowed through her, as if she had been submerged in warm water all at once. The flush was followed by a tinglin in her head, hands, and feet which spread almost instantaneously throughout the rest of her body, the same feeling as if one's foot had fallen asleep.

At this point of her body's transformation, Alex could feel the tingling reach a prickling, but painless crescendo, as the flesh and bone within her transformed at the molecular level into a liquid state, and she felt as if all the muscles in her body had all tensed at once.

This transformation terrified Alex the first few times she experienced it, but as she grew accustomed to it, it became an oddly fascinating, and even enjoyable sensation.

Alex could feel her body rapidly transforming into a liquid from the inside-out, and felt the tingling finally reach her skin. As it did, she scrutinized her reflection as her body's outward appearance took on that of it's insides now, that of a silver, rippling, gelatinous liquid. She never could get over how eerie it looked to watch herself change into a liquid.

"But now for the really fun part" she thought.

Her human shape became unrecognizable as it took on the shape of a standing column of liquid, and she willed her form to begin lowering towards the floor into a puddle. Instantly, her body obeyed, and Alex felt as if she was being sucked down by a powerful current into deep, warm waters. As she puddled onto the floor and expanded outwards, she could feel the sensation of being pulled painlessly apart in every direction.

Now, in her puddle form, she felt like she was floating on top of water. Another one of the bizarre sensations she had to grow accustomed to while in her liquid state, was that of not breathing. Since she had no lungs now, there was no reason to breath. Annie once tried to explain the scientific meaning of this to her, but it went completely over her head.

All of her human senses of sight, hearing, smell, taste, and touch suddenly changed from that of a human girl's, into an extremely hypersensitive nature. She could see in color, but it was as if everything wasn't quite in focus. She could see all around her in every direction at once, in a panoramic view! Seeing from this height was also like peering over the edge of a tabletop. Everything seemed so tall and massive.

Her sense of smell was non-existent, as was her sense of taste, but her hearing was incredibly acute, and she could clearly hear every word of a conversation her parents were having downstairs in the kitchen about putting a new flower bed in the back yard. She could also sense people and objects all around her, and could instantly detect where they were. She could 'feel' her best friend Ray all the way across the yard in his own house next door, as well as sense Louis' presence there as well. She could 'fel' the bird outside that was presently perched on the telephone line leading into the house, and could also detect one of her missing hats which was pushed up underneath her bed.

Along with this sense came the extraordinary ability to 'see' everything around her even in the darkest of environments. Her senses were like an internal radar set that gave her a mental picture of everything around her. She could also sense direction better than the most accurate compass. Whenever she entered into drainpipes or cracks and crevices in her liquid form, she always knew which way to go.

Alex's form quivered as she sensed another presence approaching. It was Annie! Alex could easily hear her older sister's footfalls on the carpeted steps as she ascended the stairs. Alex focused her attention towards the closet behind their bedroom door and willed herself to move in that direction.

At the speed of Alex's thoughts, her liquid form sloshed at incredible velocity to a position just outside the closet door. She puddled into the corner just between the closet and bedroom doors, and willed herself become smaller. All Alex had to do was will her liquid-self to move in any direction, and it did. She could also will herself to take whatever shape she could imagine in this state. She could climb up and cross the smoothest of surfaces and even defy gravity and move upside-down along ceilings!

All Alex had to do was 'think' it, and she could do it.

As Alex squished her body into the corner for concealment, she commanded herself to get smaller, and her puddle-form began collapsing inwards on itself, shrinking from the size of a bathmat, to the mere diameter of a softball. It was akin to being scrunched up into a tight fetal position, and being sucked down into the center of the ball you've created with your body. To Alex, it was there was no equal to the sensations she experienced while in this state.

"C'mon Annie, c'mon" she gurgled audibly in an eerie, shrill voice that sounded as if it she were talking through water. If Alex could grin mischievously, she would, but she didn't have a mouth to do so. Annie reached the top of the stairs and turned down the hallway towards their room. Alex shrank in on herself even more, down to the diameter of a baseball. This was the smallest she'd ever been before.

Annie casually pushed the door open and entered the room. "Alex?" she called out. "Are you in here?"

Alex grew anxious and willed her form against the baseboard at the bottom of the wall, flattening herself to the width of a quarter and becoming a transparent and virtually invisible covering on the wall. Annie grabbed the door and swung it halfway closed, peering behind it. Alex watched her sister look right at her, but not see her against the baseboard. Alex had to fight to suppress a giggle. Annie pushed the door closed and started walking over to her bed, dismissing any thought of Alex being there thistime.

For quite a while now, Alex had been practicing this because Annie had become wise to her tricks. Annie had no idea that Alex could get this small and become so thin and transparent that she was practically invisible to the naked eye. Annie sat on the edge of her bed, picked up a book on her nightstand, and began thumbing through it, completely oblivious to Alex's presence.

Alex quietly sighed in relief that she had not been detected by her sister. She increased back in size to that of a welcome mat and became a distinguishable thick, silvery puddle of ooze again. Willing herself to elongate into a snake-like form of nearly four feet in length, Alex silently slithered up the wall with Annie's back to her. Reaching the top of the wall, Alex flowed down the top edge directly behind her.

Alex puddled back into a circular shape and flowed out onto the ceiling and stopped over her sister.

Annie was now enthralled in her book.

Alex slowly spread her form outwards in every direction above Annie until she was the size of a small rug.

Annie was still unaware.

From the middle of her puddle-form, Alex extended a slender tendril of silvery ooze downwards behind her sister and used it to tap Annie on the shoulder.

Annie squealed and turned around to see the tendril still hanging behind her, and followed it's source upwards back to Alex's liquid body on the ceiling above.

"Gotcha!" Alex shouted in her bizarre liquid voice. "Alex! Don't you dare .....!" exclaimed Annie, but it was too late. Alex released her grip on the ceiling and fell directly onto Annie, engulfing her older sister in her silvery body of ooze. The moment Alex came into contact with Annie, she instantly liquified her sister and incorporated her into her own gelatinous form. Within the puddle with Alex now, Annie began laughing and giggling at her younger sister's devious sneak attack.

"Alex! Once we're solid again, you're dead!" Annie half-heartedly threatened. "Oh lighten up Annie. We haven't gone for a 'ride' in a long time. Let's go!" Alex answered enthusiastically as she directed their puddle form underneath the bedroom door, into the hall, and down the stairs.

Alex woke up, lying on her back facing the ceiling. Through sleepy eyes, Alex realized that she was looking at the ceiling of the downstairs den! She quickly cleared her head and realized where she was.

Sitting up, she found herself lying on the couch in front of the t.v., her favorite stuffed bear 'Casper' cradled in her arm. She had no blanket or pillow.

"What the heck?" she said, confused. "How did I get down here?" Alex swept her feet onto the floor and stood, still groggy. Her head felt heavy and her neck stiff, and she knew it was probably the remnants of the sedative Dr. Whiteside gave her the afternoon before. Alex looked at the digital clock on the VCR and saw it was five A.M. Shrugging and flinging her hands in the air in complete exasperation, Alex assumed she sleepwalked downstairs while under the influence of the sedative she took. She has been nown to sleepwalk before.

She turned for the stairs and climbed them to return to her room. As she reached the top and walked into the upstairs hall, the t.v. in the den clicked on for several seconds and then turned back off. Hearing the noise, Alex returned and walked halfway down the stairs to investigate. Everything was peaceful and quiet.

A puzzled look crossed her face as she scanned the downstairs den. She turned and went back upstairs.

Alex entered her bedroom, pushing the door open lightly. It squeaked ever so softly, and Alex grimaced at the sound, worried that she may have woke Annie up. She could see Annie was still asleep in the dim illumination coming through the curtains of the big bay window between their beds. Alex tiptoed across the room heading for the bathroom, nearly tripping over mounds of her clothes on the floor twice before she made it. Once she finished in the bathroom, she turned off the light, re-entered the bedroom, nd started for her bed as quietly as she could.

"Ow!" Alex exclaimed softly, wincing at the pain of stepping on the metal clasp of one of her belts scattered on the floor.

"Alex?" said Annie, leaning up on her elbow and squinting at her younger sister in the shadowy room.

"What are you doing up?" Alex stopped where she was.

"I uh, woke up on the downstairs couch a few minutes ago. I guess I've been sleepwalking. I was just going back to bed" Alex explained, and started for her bed again. Annie looked at the glowing green arms on the wind up clock between their beds and saw the time. Five oh seven A.M. She pulled her covers away and got up to make her own trip to the bathroom. She nearly tripped over both of the same piles of clothes Alex did.

After a couple of minutes, Annie came back into the room and sat back down on her bed. Alex was sitting on the edge of her own bed across from her.

"Sleepwalking? You haven't done that since you were eleven Alex. Are you o.k.?"

"I guess so" Alex replied, sitting on the edge of her bed, looking at her sister. "How do you feel? Did you sleep good?" Annie asked sleepily, pulling her legs onto her bed, under the covers.

"Just a little groggy is all. I'll be fine".

Annie quietly examined her little sister. Alex was looking back at her with that confused, dazed look, the same look she would have after having a nightmare. Annie couldn't resist Alex's big , sad eyes.

"C'mere" Annie surrendered, motioning with her hand and pulling back her covers for Alex. Alex grinned victoriously and climbed into the bed with her sister, lying on her side with her back to Annie. Annie put a comforting arm around Alex and lightly hugged her.

"You know Alex, you're not eleven years old anymore. You're getting to old for this" Annie informed her little sister as Alex snuggled in, contented.

"Not as long as you're such a soft touch big sister" Alex said contentedly.

Annie rolled her eyes in mock disgust. "Go to sleep Alex".

Annie squinted her eyes as the morning sun shone brightly through the bay window curtains into the room. She raised her head and looked at the clock. Eight-fifteen A.M.

Nestling her head into her pillow again, Annie suddenly realized Alex crawled into bed with her earlier in the morning. Something clicked in her head as she became more awake. She remembered Alex told her that she thought she had been sleepwalking last night. Noticing Alex was not in her bed across from her and that the bathroom light was off, and knowing Alex never got up before her, Annie feared her sister may have sleepwalked again.

Annie decided to get up and check where Alex was to make sure she was alright. She gasped in surprise when she pulled the covers back to see a silvery puddle of ooze in her bed resting right beside her .