June 12th, 1999

I was able to meet Larisa for the 1st time at the Nickelodeon "Girl Power" Seminar in L.A. I really didn't know what to expect, I met up with a friend and we both felt a little out of place with all the lil kids & their parents. But the actual seminar was pretty entertaining and seeing Larisa in that type of atmosphere was very cool.

A highlight for me happened when at one point during the start of this thing, Larisa asked if anyone had any chapstick. So the whole seminar had to stop cause we all should know how obsessed she is about her lip balm. I happened to leave mine at home that day but this little girl who was sitting next to us brought one up so she can use, I think this girl had no clue who Larisa was but either way, Ris was obviously very thankful...

Also, it was cute hearing some of the kiddies call Larisa "Alex" when they asked a question. As the seminar ended, the kids stormed the stage as it was time for the meet and greet but luckily, I was sitting pretty close to the stage area so I didn't have to stand around long & wait. I was actually one of the first to get her autograph and all that mess, it was pretty brief but just being able to talk to her for a second was more than enough. I was pretty nervous coming up to her like I expected to be. She came across as a sweet, down to earth person, normal as any girl i had gone to school with so with that, I had an easier time calming down. I brought 2 photos for her to sign, both pics from when she's wearing that Big Help jersey. On one, she put down "Great Pic!". Heh, her fav outta the two.

So that was pretty much it, looking back I wish I got autographs from the other Nickelodeon actresses that were also there but I guess I was just too caught up with Larisa...

~ AJ