***About the beginning of January [2002] I sent a letter of general appreciation away to Larisa via the Savage Agency, thinking nothing would ever come from it (I`m in Scotland in the UK for anyone interested). Got up on the 16th of February, to find a large flat yellow-y envelope waiting for me, postmarked Feb 13th from San Franciso, C.A... inside which was a personalised reply, signed on an 8x10" black and white photo (written in blue felt pen) from Larisa herself! Now, I did blur part out as I want something from this to keep to myself alone, but here is the basic transcription of it, "To ________, Thank you so much for your kind letter. Sometimes I forget why I do what I do & it's people like you that remind me. (next four-and-a-bit lines withheld) Thanks again, (Then Larisa`s signature-with-heart)" I would also wish to give big thanks to all who favoured the Savage Agency address when I asked :) And of course to Larisa herself if she reads this because it made my day ;) Never in a million years did I think she`d go to the trouble of replying at all, especially living where I do... let alone personalising it so nicely! The photo is now framed on my wall, and I wouldn`t sell it for all the money in the world. My thanks to you again Larisa, for giving me this special gift.***