Thursday, June 17th (1999)
Meeting Larisa (The NY Seminar)

So I hopped in the green machine this afternoon and drove down to the Big Apple to meet Dan and David and see Larisa at the Girl Power! seminar at the Museum of Television and Radio.


Larisa is absolutely adorable. No joke. No lie. Sweet as... as I don't even know! I got to meet her when the seminar was over and chat with her a bit. I let her know that I "ran" and she gaves us props for being "the best site out there" and having all our facts straight ;-) She also mentioned that one of the rumors floating around about her is true but she wasn't going to say which one. I didn't pry.

I gave her a copy of my bands CD and she remembered the CD I sent her two years ago! I couldn't believe it!

Here are some other random notes:

- They didn't allow pictures to be taken, so sorry, no photos.
- There is another possible movie project on the horizon, but she didn't want to say anything and jinx herself.
- Larisa is set do more 3rd Rock filming in August.
- She's taking a year off and then going to college. (I think you all knew that though)
- We got to see part of her Alex Mack Audition and it was very very cute - "Hi, I'm Larisa Oleynik, I'm 12 and I think I'm 5 feet tall"
- Erin Dean also auditioned for the part of Alex Mack.
- I think Larisa was definitely the best panelist (though Irene and Erin were very good too). She said some really great things about female role models, the acting business and just general good advice.
- It seemed to me that most of the people were there to see Larisa.
- During the audience questioning session some guy sang her "Happy Birthday"
- Damn, I am googly eyed for Larisa again! 8-D