I had the honor of meeting Larisa on the 27th of July. On my way there, I wasn't sure what to expect; whether my paradigm of perfection would be shattered or if she would live up to every conception I had of her. From the moment I saw that gleam in her eyes while she was reading to the busloads of children gathered there for National Literacy Day, I could say that she matched my expectations (which is hard to do when placed on a pedestal). It's true that her beauty is unsurpassed, but more than that is talking to her, you feel like you've known her forever and she's a friend, not just a celebrity. From the minute or so I talked to her, she moved from a frozen glance on a two dimensional photo to an exuberant, warm and fun person. But I guess I'm biased. The trip was worth the cost, though. Gas: $15 Parking: $6 Admission: $14.95 Disposable Camera: $14.99 Larisa's smile: Priceless