6/15/99(not exact date)

As I walked into the building my heart instantly started pounding. I started looking around for Larisa not really knowing where she would be. I signed in and got my tickets for the convention, "Girl Power". I sat down with my mom and my knees started shaking. I had wanted to meet Larisa for as long as I could remember. I stood up and started walking around because I couldn't sit still. This was my dream come true and I couldn't wait for Larisa to arrive. I sat back down again and I sat there for what seemed like forever when finally my mom got my attention and pointed towards the doorway. A really pretty girl walked through the door and I said "that's great mom" then I did a double take and turned back to realize that the girl was Larisa! I jumped up and my mom and I went over to get closer. I could feel all the blood drain from my face and my heart felt like it had stopped. My mom took a picture of Larisa as did many other people standing around her. I just stood there not knowing how to react. My biggest dream was coming true before my eyes and I couldn't move a muscle. This lady led Larisa away and my mom and I went back to go sit down. Arggghh! We were going to have to wait another ten minutes before I could see Riss again. I realized that this girl had walked in with Larisa and was now standing with her mom next to me. I looked over and realized she looked a little to familiar. I recognized her as Houda. She had gone to my school a couple years ago. My mom and I said hi to them. When it was FINALLY time to go in to the convention we went in and my mom and I sat next to Houda and her mom. I was shaking so violently Houda had to hold my wrists down. I was phsyco!

Eventually the lights went out and Amanda Bynes, Erin J. Dean, and LARISA walked out and sat down at the end of OUR row. ( The front row) Up on a huge screen they started showing clips from all of the Girls' shows but I wasn't watching the clips I was leaning forward and staring at Larisa at the end of the row. I couldn't believe it was really her.

I sat still through the whole convention listening to all the girls' answers to all the questions. at one point a little kid asked Larisa " Alex? How do you do the powers?" Larisa thought that was pretty funny. I wanted to ask Larisa a question but I couldn't think of one(and also I didn't feel i was worthy to talk to her).

At the end of the convention Larisa and the other girls signed autographs and took pictures with fans. I went up and got my picture taken with her and I got two autographs. Then after almost everyone else had left, Houda and I went up to talk to Larisa. Houda mostly just asked her stuff about "No Doubt" and gave her stuff having to do with the band and I just stood there and stared. My mom stood over on the side talking to Larisa's mom.

So Larisa and Houda and I talked some more and I got a couple more pictures of Riss and even one with her mom. It was so fun but Larisa was really hungry and tired(she had a a lot of caffeine the night before) and also they needed to catch a plane. So we followed them to the door and I had this really sad look on my face and Larisa said. " Don't worry, I'll see you again." I nodded and they left and that was it. The best day of my life and my first Larisa Experience.

Well that's it:o) I hope you like it and are able to use it. there may be grammar or spelling errors sorry. This was just my first experience. There are plenty more to come I just need time to type them up:o)