Larisa Wrote Me Back And Said Hi To Larisa.Com!

Larisa Wrote Me Back And Said Hi To Larisa.Com!
Posted By: Todd Gray
Date: Sat, Aug 3 at 11:34 a.m. (year 2002)

I can't believe I just mentioned earlier in the week about hoping that if Larisa had gone to the Shangi-Hi Film Festival to promote "A Time For Dancing" that I hoped she'd been home in California long enough to see my fan letter and write me back.

Well, SHE DID! I just got a an INCREDIBLY beautiful and very recent-looking b/w pic from her, and I'm telling you guys, it's a gorgeous picture! I wish I had some way of sending a copy of the pic to David and Brian, but I don't have a scanner. But it's obviously a very recent pic.

Here's what she said when she wrote on the edge of the pic, (blue ink):

To Todd, I appreciate so much that fans like you have stuck w/me. Since I've been away at school, I've understandably lost a good chunk of my fan base. You guys make me so excited to get back to work. I hope it's worth the wait. Take care!! (She added a smiley face with the dots on the bottom of the pair of exclamation points). Then she made a little heart (very cute), Larisa Oleynik
---> (On back of pic).
P.S. Would you give the good folks at Larisa.Com a little "hi" from me? Thanks! :-)

(The ink faded through a little, but nothing bad. I'll be framing this pic this weekend too).

You know, I've been under a lot or pressure the past few weeks, and a lot of things just haven't gone well for me, and this morning, when I opened up my mailbox and saw that envelop and the Banner Avenue address, I KNEW who it was from! It just made my day. ;-)

So anyway, it appears fans can still write her at:

Larisa Oleynik
c/o Savage Agency
6212 Banner Avenue
Los Angeles, California 90038

Maybe David and Brian would like to add that address for the fans. My best suggestion would be to tell them to write when she's probaly home visiting her family in California, because I'll bet that's probably the only time she can sit down and read some fan mail.